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In partnership with Dalux
  • In the Dark ...
  • We can light the way forward
  • When power goes out ...
  • We’ll keep the lights on
  • Photoluminescent safety guidance system installed on the Madrid Underground
  • Photoluminescent safety guidance system installed on Alstom High-Speed Tunnels
  • Photoluminescent road markings and signage on Netherlands Smart Highway
  • London Underground a user of Dalux technology

When every Second Counts...

Efficient, visible safety signs  and guidance systems can be the difference between life and death.

How can Lumin8 and Photoluminescent technology help?

Photoluminescent technology is an emerging product already found
on the Madrid Underground, Melbourne Underground Rail Loop and Netherlands Smart Highway to name but a few high profile projects.

Safety conscious and innovative organisations are now recognising the benefits of photoluminescent technology as its growth continues and is primed to make a positive impact across the UK.


Company Introduction

In January 2014, Lumin8 was formed in a three-way collaboration with Dalux and Supply UK to fill a void in the UK market for quality photoluminescent products across an array of industries such as Telecoms, Construction, Highways, Rail and Utilities.

With the support of Dalux, who bring thirty years of experience in the European market supplying Photoluminescent and LED products and Supply UK, a well-established and successful hire and temporary solution provider, Lumin8 have been able to come to the market with a wide array of products already offering energy efficient, innovative and effective solutions to major UK companies.

Lumin8 - Proud suppliers of high quality photoluminescent
and LED technology.

Photoluminescent products are:

  • Energy efficient - requiring no electrical connections or batteries.
  • Reliable - requiring no maintenance and offering no opportunity for mechanical failure.
  • Effective - visible in darkness, guidance uniquely installed at low levels ensuring visibility when in a smoke filled environment.
  • Quick and easy to install - signs and guidance systems are pre-drilled or supplied with the relevant fixings.
  • Fully customisable - design schemes can be provided for large scale products, signs can be produced with any imagery or wording required and we have the resource and expertise to even design new products to meet your exact specifications.